A Cambodian expression used when a guy talks in a neutral tone while sounding like he's showing off. Either he's joking by blowing it out of proportion or either he's serious and not aware he's sounding like he's showing off. The more the guy shows off, the more 's' you add at the end. Its origins are obscure but it's commonly used by Cambodians from Montreal.
Guy : I went clubbing yesterday
You : How was it?
Guy : Not bad, I hooked up with 10 chicks

Guy : I bought a Prada shirt yesterday
by Bangdavith March 6, 2006
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Instead of saying "Shit", just making the phonetic pronunciation of the first letter.
"Dude, my mom walked in, and I was like, ESS"
by Saul October 7, 2004
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The mythical, nocturnal, feline fornicating beast
I will tell my children stories of Ess to get them to behave.
by StPatrickIV November 19, 2003
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Someone with a bad accent trying to say 'ass'
'Kiss my ess!'
by Lexy and Lea February 8, 2004
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An Ess is usually found in Canada. Ess is the more swag motherfricker you’ll ever meet! they break the rules, and sometimes even hearts.
PERSON ONE: woah stay away from her, she’s bad news

PERSON TWO: hell nah, that’s an Ess, I want a piece of that!
by p3busplauer December 16, 2020
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girls who dance to the quran
I was walking in the mall till I saw some essa’s
by queen dream June 4, 2020
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derives from the first letter of the word Surreno:Southern Gangster
Oralé (Esse) que haces.
by DNMBLK December 23, 2009
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