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Tall, blonde Bishounen, who is from Gundam also known as Millardo Peacecraft of the Peacecraft family. Wanting to take back his birthright to the kingdom of Sanq he takes on the persona of Zechs Merquise.
I wish I were as handsom as Zechs.
by Duokunshinigami May 13, 2005
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A word used to describe the ultimate in cool. A wonderful nonchalence. Best used to describe someone who moves like a gazelle and looks like Apollo.
You have a graceful air about you, it's quite Zech. It's nice.
by Human Tree Branch May 03, 2010
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A small skinny white boy who looks Mexican with dyslexia who constantly lies and backstabs his friends
omg did u hear how Zech backstabbed his friend last week
by gtrawhrtyt October 17, 2017
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Man who eats boneless pizza on the daily and thinks that a sedan can pick up more chicks than a white van
Man: Theres no way ur van can pick up more chicks than my sedan
Zech: you gotta be yankin my dick off cuz thats ridiculous. Aye lemme get a boneless pissa with a two liter a coke
by nitrocircuitry January 11, 2018
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1. A promiscuous, egotistical whore.

2. The most likely person in a group of friends to get an std.

3. A person who just missed out on gods gift of height.
1. Did you see that Zech? He got with like 7 chicks at the party last night.

2. Dude careful with that Zech, probably crawling with nasty infections.

3. I feel sorry for that Zech, don't you? Nah, he's a fucking midget.
by notzechrhys December 02, 2012
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An insult used which means any of the following:
Gay, Homosexual, Faggot, Annoying, Funny-looking, Curly-headed, Freckle-faced, Crackhead, etc.
Situation 1
(Guy 1) Dude look at that guy in tight pants with a rainbow shirt on!
(Guy 2) What a Zech!

Situation 2
(Guy 1) Dude is it weird that i still sleep with a teddy bear?
(Guy 2) AT least you're not gay like Zech!
by The Jesus Of Urban Dictionary February 28, 2009
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