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The most amazing beautiful girl on the planet. Her eyes are gorgeous she can drive you crazy but also make you feel ways you never have in your life. She's such a precious girl to have in your life and her personality is great. She's really funny but most of all kind hearted. She brings happiness to everyone and knows ways to truly make you feel valuable but in the end can never feel valuable herself. But everyone knows she is and any person to just know her is lucky.
Wow he's so lucky he has Zarah
by El jenio January 14, 2014
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A seriously other worldly kind of beautiful girl, but her mind is something else. Zarah's got a mind you wish you had, everything she does is right. She's a strong and stubborn girl and will stand her ground anyday but so humble and lives to help people that need it. If you've bagged a Zarah you know your the luckiest guy alive and please never let her go. It's the biggest regret you'll make, every guy wants her to be their girl.

And her booty is fire.
Woa you're with Zarah?

Yeah I'm the luckiest guy alive
by Aaaaaaaaaaron February 09, 2018
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Zarah is the most amazing person from the outside it may look like she has a perfect life but in the inside she is insecure and has stuff going on she will push u away but hold on tight cause I’m the end you are luck yup have Zarah she is beautiful with her dark brown hair her gorgeous skin and dark brown eyes and smarter then all of you reading this
Zarah is so nice

I wish I was her
by Lil_zesty December 19, 2018
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A dumb pig That no one need's and she'l be your friend for i second and ditch you and she'l do that in people.
zarah ditched me today THAT BEGGG
by grapesandpeaches June 01, 2018
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WITH an h, signifies the unique personality of the woman. Her beauty is undefinable, her intelligence amazing, her kindness incredible and her heart is filled only with goodness. It is impossible for zarah to hurt another person or to hurt an animal. However, if she had to choose between saving a human or an animal she would choose the latter. She is very special to the goddess and has been given the power of healing. She can communicate with whales and wolves alike. Those that know her feel blessed she is in their lives. Zarah needs to see herself as others see her. She is very hard on herself and expects way too much from herself
The world needs more people in it that are like zarah
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by Lily of the susan March 15, 2019
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Zarah is a beautiful girl. She’s sweet, thoughtful and has a bit of a wild side. She’ll turn your world up side down with her wacky adventures. Zarah is a bright Ray of sunshine. She’s super down to earth and really just the coolest girl. If have a Zarah don’t get on her bad side she’s also big shit talker...Tehe
She’s so wild and cool... must be a Zarah.
by Lynne Sittel February 07, 2019
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