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WITH an h, signifies the unique personality of the woman. Her beauty is undefinable, her intelligence amazing, her kindness incredible and her heart is filled only with goodness. It is impossible for zarah to hurt another person or to hurt an animal. However, if she had to choose between saving a human or an animal she would choose the latter. She is very special to the goddess and has been given the power of healing. She can communicate with whales and wolves alike. Those that know her feel blessed she is in their lives. Zarah needs to see herself as others see her. She is very hard on herself and expects way too much from herself
The world needs more people in it that are like zarah
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by Lily of the susan March 15, 2019

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A cunt can be male or female as it is an acronym for "can't understand normal thinking" it can be used for men as much as women
Every leader I have met is a cunt
by Lily of the susan March 15, 2019

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Zander is short for Alexandre. (der). The boy who prefers the name Zander instead of Alex is very strong inside and out. He doesn't mind being the center of attention as long as the attention is on a character he is playing on stage. Most likely he will join drama in school or will join acting classes.
Acting is second nature to zandres and it shows. The compliments he receives should speak for themselves. He most likely had a turbulent childhood, full of disappointment and confusion. When on his own and out of the house, he will be amazed at how much healthier he feels mentally, physically and emotionally and issues will resolve themselves.

Zandres deserve a lot more than they realize. He is his own worse critic. By age 25 Zander will have confidence to explore life.Zandres are highly intelligent and score very high on IQ tests everywhere.
Zander is a loyal friend and husband and will protect those he loves forever. His name speaks for itself. ( Alexander; defender of man) To know zandre is to love him as his eyes beem with love, fairness,intelligence. He will never hurt another person and he will listen all night to friends that need an understanding ear. The sooner he sees in himself what others see in him, the sooner he will be able to see the path before him and live the way his soul was meant to.

A zandre has a tough time trusting people and opening up to people but all he needs to do is trust his instincts.
Did you know Zandre memorizes his lines in one day?
by Lily of the susan March 15, 2019

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