An amazing city in northeast Spain, home to over 700,000 people (called "maños"), which has exciting malls and a huge church (every maño is proud of it, whether they are religious or not) #ElPilarNoSeToca. We also have better parks than other cities (Parque Grande. Suck it, Madrid) and the best tram in the world (you can see the whole city inside it). If you want to have the best tapas night in Spain, come to El Tubo. It is also the windiest city in Spain, especially because of the cierzo wind. ¡Viva Zaragoza y viva El Pilar!
+Welcome to Zaragoza!
-It is a fantastic city! What metro line should I get to go to the nearest Starbucks?
+Fuck you.
by itsdiegowx January 29, 2016
A mexican sand rat that loves tacos, burritos, cock, and balls. He also jumped the border and out ran the border patrol. He is a known dealer of pot, crack, meth, heroin, and is a major prostitute as well.
Man that mexican is a total zaragoza
by B.W.J Dexter February 15, 2015
This BITCH assigns 100 billion assignments A WEEK. fuck her OLD ASS. She’s Mrs ORAMS TWIN FUCK HER
Robin Zaragoza has just assigned 300 topics for the topic goal.
by FDSFSDGFD October 28, 2020
Niño pendejo de pene chico normalmente 3 cm cuyo función principal es chupar pitos o tener pepinos en el culo. Envidioso con todos sus amigos y odia a los pedros. Le encanta tener pito en su boca.
Ese we tiene el pene como Miguel Martinez Zaragoza
by Nosetudime November 22, 2021