The most amazing guy out there. You'll never find someone with more character and rudeness, but at the same time lovable and hilarious.
I love Zam :)
by EllaMoose June 20, 2011
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moniker of prominent Australian graffiti artist active from mid-1980s, mainly in Victoria and South Australia.
"check it out, another dope ZAM wildstyle piece"
by Zack Bathory March 21, 2008
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a weak dude who sit on the internet trying to find the cheapest penis enlargment
hello I am zam i talk tha shit but cant back it up
by daddy big nuts October 09, 2003
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Something a noob would do in a game which is incredibly dumb.

Can be used as a noun or an adjective. Past tense "Zammed" and Verb "Zamming" also acceptable to use.
"Did you forget to train your army before war? That's so Zam!"

"Why did that idiot just put a lightning spell on the grass?! Totally Zammed the attack."

"That kids got no clue how to play. He's just zamming it".
by TheOneWhoGotAway February 26, 2017
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