A butt. But a real friend. The best one someone could ask for
My best friend Zack Read
by ERummel December 7, 2018
Zack is one of the greatest pkers alive he is quite possibly the sexiest RS player alive
PvP-Zack Owns YoYo4012 and ambasadoroli
by Peekayed April 13, 2006
a white kid that is always trying to take your hoe. Also always sucking dick in the bathroom
Why you always gotta be Zack Shankin me dude.
by Tbons May 6, 2016
Zack and Maddie a happy unusual couple that show opposites attract and that love can be found
Have you seen Zack and Maddie they are so cute and happy
by Maddieyo December 4, 2022
Zack Baker is a derogatory term used to describe someone is a little bit slow in the head
You know he's a bit of a Zack Baker (mouth breather) did you see his Science results this year
by nibbawitharocket November 18, 2019
A pretty chill dude who likes gaming. He is an otaku and loves anime characters who are very fast and use swords
He's very friendly and talkative
A: You should be more like Le French Captain Zack Senpai
B: I know
by M. C. squire May 24, 2021