Usually jewish, very large penis, extremly atractive and outgoing
Person1:"OMG Zac was amazing last night"
Person2: "I want some of that!"
by tumadre34 May 2, 2008
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A super hot Football loving guy. Very shy with girls and does nothing but play sports and hang out with his friends. Disgustingly smart. loyal friend, can keep your secrets, tall and has a fohawk, gorgeous eyes, very muscular. A real gentleman. Has a sick sense of humor but hides it. All around wonderful guy. you won't regret knowing a zac!
Girl 1: Who's that super hot guy over there?
Girl 2: That's zac
Girl 1: Wow!
Girl 2: He's a straight A student, a football player, and a real gentleman.
Girl 1: I wanna date him!
by dEmEtReLoVeR October 16, 2010
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a major poon slayer, with a 9+inch dick. He eats the pussy so good and makes the bitches come back for more. He also makes the pussy rain...often. If u know a zac keep it quiet as all your friends may want to fuck him. Urban sex god.
Person 1: have you met my friend Zac?
Person 2: You have a friend zac!? Where is he I need to fuck him ASAP
by OG Ponder B0i July 5, 2015
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He is kind, loving, optimist and he cares more about his friends than anything else. He has a huge dick and all the girls love him. He is the person you tell your secrets to and he’s the go-to guy when your sad. He will always be there for you. And he is hot af.
“Whose that?”
“That’s Zac ofc
“Guys, I love that guy, I wish he were my boyfriend
by God Duck March 2, 2022
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A completely awesome dude who is amazingly talented in the arts of sexual intercourse, he is also one of the smartest and most athletic people ever
Frank: dude did u hear about that hot chick that zac fucked last night.

Tad: yea I heard he did it while running and taking a test
by super awesome suace February 8, 2011
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someone who initiates the hoe puncher attack.
man #1: okay we have a recon mission to take down these hoes. Man #2 you be look out. Man #3 you be the Zac.

Man #2 & 3: YES SIR

Man #2: HOE PUNCHER!!!!!!!

Man #1: Mission success. Good job team.
by guy in the art class March 26, 2009
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A sweet, innocent-hearted guy, who is usually adored by females. When around people who may arouse his sexual desires, he tends to open up his bad side, using profanity. A Zac will usually have a pretty face and beautiful light colored eyes, but on the inside his body is not muscular. Zacs usually enjoy sports and artistic activites such as music.
Did you hear that Zac has a small penis?
Yeah but his face is so pretty!
by TrueTotheSoul February 5, 2010
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