ZUB is a generic term that can take the meaning of any word.

Also used in moments of uncomfortable silences.

A word like a reliable old friend - one you turn to when no one else is there to help.
Person 1: 'Where the ZUB are we dude?'
Person 2: 'ZUBbed if I know!'

Person 1: 'What you wanna do with this?'
Person 2: ' Just ZUB it man!'

Person 1: '......???....!!!.... :/'
Person 2: 'zubzubzubzubzubzubzubzub'
Person 1: :)
by krtsintown October 13, 2011
To imply acknowledgement,confirmation, and/or a request followed by immediate and unconditional agreement
Example 1.

Man 1: "hey dude, I'm downstairs."
Man 2: "Zub Zub"

Example 2.

Man 1: "you wanna' beer homie??"

Man 2: "Zub Zub"
by Kyle July 21, 2004
Term used for Old English sheep dogs coming from the Female Old English Sheep dog Velma or Louise, Originally owned by Logans mother, Seanna, Zub Zubs have also often been used in Agriculture classes mutliple times, Tanna has experiences herself or being called a Zub Zub in class
Dr. Lil Pump has a 42% stock in the Zub Zubs
As seen on Sharktank as well
"What cute little zub zubs"
by Zub Zub Nathan 25 October 22, 2018
Slang for Sex in the movie Juno
Ellen Page: "I made Zub Zub with my best guy friend, and now I'm knocked up to no end. He filled me with baby batter, then we ate some orange tic tac's after"
by alec therins April 19, 2008
the action of something vibrating whilst making a sound
person 1: "oh look my phone is vibrating"
person 2(intelligent bean): "no its zubbing!"
by PurpleClover December 16, 2020
Zub is the last name of Russian hockey player Artem Zub. However, his name has become a bit of a meme. It is most commonly used for puns (Zub at pub, Zub gets dub, etc.)
I can't wait to go to ZUBway.
by CuriousFish15 May 18, 2021
To go, stay or be at home. Curl Curl, Sydney, Australia Origin.
1: Where are you?
2: Zub

1:What are you doing tonight?
2: Zubbing it.
by Team B November 22, 2006