Your person is your best friend and so much more. You connect with them in so many different levels and when you aren’t around them for an extended period of time you feel lost and empty. You can trust them with everything and you know they will love you no matter what. This person in generally not your boyfriend or girlfriend but they are your best friend. You feel a sense of joy and happiness when ur around them and they always make you smile. You can’t be near them and not be happy and if your aren’t happy while your near them they will always cheer you up. Keep this person close to you and never let go of what you have
Person 1: why are they so happy
Person 2: because they found their person
Person 1: what’s “their person”
Person 2: their world
Person 1: wow I want that

Person 2: you will find your person
by Lollipop moment October 21, 2019
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someone close to you that you trust and stick by at all times

you’re always able to talk to them and share personal things with them

they’re the first person to know about something big in your life
Christina and Meredith from Greys Anatomy

“Christina i’m your person” “you’re not my person owen is my person”
by michael heehee June 30, 2019
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a douchey way of saying, "you're carrying it"
John, why do you have condoms on your person? Everyone knows you aren't getting laid
by Rendar1138 December 21, 2011
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they're not your boyfriend or girlfriend, they're not just a random hook up, they're not just a fuck buddy. they're your person
speaker 1- do you have a boyfriend?
speaker 2- no, but i do have a person.
speaker 1- what do you mean by your person?
speaker 2- well, he's not my boyfriend, hes more than a random hookup, hes not just a fuck buddy. he's my person.
by ******-------******** November 14, 2007
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"Hey I need backup here, everyone go to this link and spam th-"

"The Internet is NOT your personal army."
by thisisathens April 7, 2010
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In Santorum's America of Sperm Personhood, when you spill your load, you are spilling persons.
Ricky says that even when you get excited watching a pregnant girl, you should never spill your persons in your pants.
by Ricky Santorum January 5, 2012
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A cute term used to imply being close or intimate to someone. Best used when someone is claustrophobic.
I can't wait to see you later and invade your personal space.
by Mitchsta May 21, 2008
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