The first thing you've seen in your life. And the last thing I've seen today
your mom's pussy is where I came in, and where you came out
by xXLorDXx October 7, 2010
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it is used by townies/chavs.
moesha: fuck off you scal
chav: your mums pussy
by owen April 5, 2005
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a term used when an individual says something and is unheard by another, or when one wants to embarass an individual
Kid 1: Yo man you know what's for lunch?
Kid 2: Your momma's pussy nigga
Kid 1: (kills self)

Jobber 1: Yo man you tryin to go to taco bell?
Jobber 2: where?
Jobber 1: your mommas pussy nigga
by John Machavelli May 5, 2006
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27th of november is <<lick your girls pussy day>>. The day where you get to eat her out as often as you desire
bf: Hey babe can I eat that pussy?
gf: I want you to.

- 1 hour later
bf: Want me to eat your pussy?
gf: Didn't you do that like an hour ago?
bf: Well it's eat your girls pussy day.
by gilfiswhatineed November 22, 2021
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