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An exclamation used to sympathize with someone who had just gone through something both painful and shocking. A combination of the words "Yikes" and "Ouch."
Kate: "My live-in commitment-phobic boyfriend of 5 years broke up with me, and 6 months later got married to some girl he just met."

Amy: "Youch!"
by karen cake September 19, 2008
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What you say when you hit your big toe with a sledgehammer while trying to decapitate a mole that just popped up in your lawn.
Youch!!! OMFG that hurt like a MFer! I'll get you yet Mr. Mole!
Where's my blowtorch?!?
by laz_ud June 16, 2008
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1. Noun: someone, usually a guy, who uses and abuses a friendship and hospitality and yet somehow, maintains friend status.

A youch may crash on your couch, fuck your girlfriend and wear and ruin your clothes, etc.), but you'll still find yourself hanging out as drinking buddies on Friday night.

2. Verb: To be a youch, the act of youching (see explanation above).
"I don't know how he can hang out with those guys constantly. They're all a bunch of youches."

"That guy has been youching him for years and they're still friends. Talk about enabling."
by Thelma Ritter April 10, 2005
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Noun: A huge flab of flubber/fat on a huge person. It is all wiggly and flappy and floppy. Often, you can lose things under or in it, including your clothes.
"Who let the Youch out?"

"My Youch doesn't fit under my shirt anymore since i ate that whole cake!"
by Ashfrica April 13, 2010
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when a fat man gets his pants pulled down to the ground, but he's so fat that you cant even see his dick because his flab covers everything. So really its just a fat mans dick.
who let the youch out??
by ChuugaaChuugaa ChooChoo April 14, 2010
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