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When someone is famous for telling many a lie you call them a 't' (refered from the name Toby)

(Pronounced: Tee)

It takes great effort and skill to become a 't' by telling many a ridiculous lie.

Apart from examples of using the word, I will include examples of ridiculous lies that may or may not have been used in the past.
"You are a T"
"I think you just T'd"
"Stop T'ing"
"Hello T, How are you doing today?"
"Pipe down T"

"I bought a 32" plasma screen TV and put it in my bedroom and then found some bass speakers in my garage and set them up in my room and the bass was so loud that it blew the TV off the wall..."

"When I had glandular fever the doctor prescribed liquid ketamine (horse tranquilisers) and methadone (Heroine replacement) to ease the pain...

"My Dad owns York Dungeons..."

"I work at sheltered housing and the people who live there each give me £100 at Christmas"
by RAT D J&J June 30, 2009
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