Otherwise known as being trashed > being drunk.

Drunk, under the influence of alcohol. Usually to a large extent. Unable to think correctly, move correctly, or act normaly because of the influence of the alcohol.
Let's get T'd like no tomorrow!
by Vivalaglam February 6, 2010
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Something incredibly good - outstanding!
Those jerseys they wore were t'd af.
by Jake1114 September 24, 2020
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Pronounced Ahhh Tee and Teed. The opposite of being an Evangelist or fan of a company, product or service. Indicates consistent dissatisfaction and poor customer service.
I can't believe the service at the Restaurant we were AT&T'd!
by 26Dot Two January 26, 2010
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(Verb) ....getting no customer service at all. Passed around from one telephone number to the next, to the next, and being put on hold forever, and not getting any of the informatoin you're requesting.
"Oh no we can't answer that. You need to call this number, please hold........."
"Oh that is all handled thru this telephone number, but you need to call back during bussiness hours"
"I'll get my supervisor to call you back as soon as he/she get's back"

"Dude I just got AT&T'd by my local cable company"
by qn.harpy September 7, 2011
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A Major League Baseball batter who hits a long ball to the deepest parts of AT&T Park in San Francisco, only for the ball to careen off the wall or be caught by an outfielder, denying what would be a home run in almost any other ballpark. Usually used to describe hits by visiting players. Phrase coined by the San Francisco Giants' announcing team, made up of Jon Miller, Dave Flemming, Duane Kuiper, and Mike Krukow.
"Upton hits one high and deep to right-center field! Pence is going back and....it's off the bricks! Pence plays the ball on a hop and throws it in to the cutoff man, Upton into second with a double!"
"Upton just got AT&T'd. That's a home run at Turner Field in Atlanta."
by Boarderdudeman May 11, 2013
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The act of dupping your current boyfriend, then going to your boyfriends friend and having sexual encounters with him, then going back to your ex and having sexual encounters with him as well.
Wow, broski you just got so Chels T'd!!
by a cool nigga kid yo November 13, 2009
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