A saying in a Multiplayer FPS game when you want to root for your teammates when they are in a gunfight with another team and that you're dead and watching your teammates feed.
Game example: APEX LEGEND.

Situation : You're in a team fight with another team in a 3 v 3 gun fight. You and 1 of teammates died. So did 2 of the opposing team. Leaving it 1 v 1. You're now watching the feed of your friend trying to kill the last enemy.

Gun Fight - Gun sound from both players.
Teammate - Finishes off the last enemy
Whole Team : FUCK YA WE DID IT.
by Rushia July 29, 2020
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The most lowering responce to any kind of an abuse. Often accompanied by the word "bitch" to increase its effect, as in: "You think you're better than me, bitch?!". Add an outraged look for maximum effect.
This retorical question is asked without expecting to recieve an answer.
However, if the person it is said to has enough guts to say: "Yes, I do!", you can say: "I am smarter than you, stronger than you, and more handsome than you, so shut the fuck up!".

Tip: Never use the expression when you do not really mean it. Remember that it can harm and insult a person more than many other remarks.
Used in the Shakespearen play "Romeo and Juliet":
Montague: So you say you are better than me?
Capulet: In fact, I do.
Montague: You lie!

-Hahaha, you will never achive anything, you loser!
-You think you're better than me?!!
- ...
by Urban_Fellow June 26, 2006
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Some thing that idiots say. Who either don't have the brain cells or don't feel like coming up with something original to say. People who say this all of the time to everybody are usually pretty cliche human beings. They believe that everyone thinks they're better than everyone.
Person 1: Carey didn't clean the living room yet because she says that she has too much homework.

Person 2: Really Carrie? You're not better than anyone else.
by Calling out bs February 12, 2017
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