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Some thing that idiots say. Who either don't have the brain cells or don't feel like coming up with something original to say. People who say this all of the time to everybody are usually pretty cliche human beings. They believe that everyone thinks they're better than everyone.
Person 1: Carey didn't clean the living room yet because she says that she has too much homework.

Person 2: Really Carrie? You're not better than anyone else.
by Calling out bs February 12, 2017
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People shouldn't call actual retarded people retarded. That is not politically correct. People have to call them developmentally challenged. People who are called retarded now are people who act stupid. A lot of liberal minded people get pissed off if you call someone retarded. Save your self the trouble and never say the word retarded ever. So you don't have to deal with idiots getting on your ass about not being "politically correct". Take the high road because most liberal minded people are not capable of taking the high road.
by Calling out bs February 12, 2017
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The only logical political stance these days. A very smart way of thinking. These people usually take a lot more time to think about what's going on in this world. Unless you come across one who is actually not independent but doesn't want to call them selves Conservative, Democrat, Republican, or Liberal.
Independent: I think that it's more logical to look at all of the views of the candidates when voting for one during an election. The election wasn't made for people to still with just one political party.
by Calling out bs February 12, 2017
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Feminism by definition is just the advocacy for women's rights. Average feminists just want equal pay, to be treated equally to men in social settings, treated like they are intellectually equal to men, treated like they are psychically equal to men. The extreme ones however, want men to treated as if they inferior to women. They want to point out every single time that a woman has been victimized by a man or men. They want to take any and all chances they can to prove that women are psychically equal to men. These people get angry when they aren't being treated equally to men but if men are being treated unfairly that's fine. They rarely aren't pissed off about everything all the time. They want to be treated as if they are superior to men. I'm just talking about the extreme feminists (Or third wave feminists).Regular feminists are cool. The extreme ones are the ones that give other feminists a bad rep.
Person 1: I'm a feminist

Person 2: And a man hater

Person 3: Regular feminists don't hate men! It's only the extremists that do. The extremists give other feminists a bad rep. Feminism is just the fight equality between men and women.
by Calling out bs February 23, 2017
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