the forgotten township in new jersey right off of exit one... literally. it's right on the border next to matamorris, PA and port jervis, NY but still manages to be in the middle of bumfucking nowhere.

Poplulation: 99% white, 1% jared (he may have moved)
dude 1:dude lets go to montague!
dude 2:where the fuck is that?!?!?
by Louis devito January 31, 2009
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Intelligent and successful sums up Montague. A gentleman at heart and a great friend. Attracts ladies of sophisticated caliber. Can get into trouble and out of it at the same time. Funny, genuine and looks out for those Montague considers friends.
Awww Montague said Hi to me today! (blushes)
by gevieve23 November 29, 2010
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To be backed-over repeatedly by one's own family member or close friend in a larger than average automobile such as a truck or van, in an attempt to crush the pestilential form of life residing in the still breathing carcass unaware of its own inevitable demise
Holy Shit!! look at Garrett! His Dad totally just Montagued him at 30 mph!!!
by LZ567 April 29, 2009
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To get extremely blackout drunk and eat someone else's large assortment of expensive french cheese.
Dude, last weekend I was at this wedding and the groom's father Montagued all over the living room.

Holy shit did you just Montague in the bathroom?
by Charles Martel August 19, 2006
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Waving your arm back and forth,then feeling your peck, cause it's all wavy and shit !
Vikram: hey Jamie, what you doing ?
Jamie: just doing the montague fool !
by Vikd May 24, 2011
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A glib douchebag, or an arrogant twit. Someone who poorly employs a large vocabulary in order to bamboozle. Vanity, in combination with stupidity, prevents said 'montague' from realizing, most, if not all victims of their glib douchbaggery, see how transparent they are.
"Andrew is such a montague, he should be selling women's shoes".

"Dried up old crackwhores is all that montague can pull. And rightfully so."
by Rudy G. May 2, 2008
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town with 98% white population...usually a town that is good in football but thats it...nothing else..sometimes track but thats it....
hey lets go visit montague...ok lets go
by balcom December 15, 2005
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