"I've been living in your cassette
It's the modern equivalent
Singing up to a Capulet
On a balcony in your mind."
-Semisonic, Singing In My Sleep
by THATgirltookmyname June 24, 2006
A definition for the number three chronological order question of act one in the classic play, Romeo and Juliet, which is: "Romeo encounters the Capulet servant."
"Wait, wait... I know number three."
-long pause-
"Allright, give me a hint.."
-stares at Rage and says seriously-
"....Something about a Capulet?"
by Cage January 6, 2005
A last name so unpleasant that it causes men to say, 'If that were my surname, I'd defy social norms & forget my macho pride by taking my bride's name upon marriage!'
When I worked in a pizzeria, we had a customer whose last name meant "Mr. Booger/ Snot" in German!
"Please meet Mr. Wentworth & his sister Mrs. Wentworth. . ."
"WTF? Do the Wentworths marry their cousins??!"
"Nope. His brother-in-law's bachelor name is Herrlein Rotz, which means 'Senorito Snot' in German!"
"Wow! What a Romeo Capulet name!"
by Powerpasser December 16, 2017
One of the two most powerful families of Verona in "Romeo and Juliet". Capulets do not like Montagues and Montagues don't like Capulets. Juliette and Tybalt are part of Capulets. Their color is red.
- We don't like you Capulet!
- No, u.
- HoW DaRe YoU?!
by MERCUTIOOO February 15, 2019