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Pulling a girls hair over her face to cover up an oddly shaped head/face or to obscure an unattractive girl's face.
John- I had to cousin it Amy
Rick- Well yeah she has a fucked up head with a great body, only thing you can do
by mr. bitches 3.0 April 24, 2011
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by Hukra March 14, 2009
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The act of ejaculating on a females face then stickin her hair to the man juice. Similar to an "Abe Lincoln" but shaving of hair is not necesary.
After i came on her face i gave her a cousin it.
by M.A.C July 27, 2006
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Starting off with either a spiderman, regular facial or if you are a badass, the raspberry swirl. You then flip the victims hair over her head where it will then stick to her face and give the resemblence to Cousin It.
Derrick: Yo what up?
Bobby: Not much, choppin' it easy! You?
Derrick:Choppin' down the block, cause I'm just tryin' to do, what i'm tryin to do, cause we was tryin' to do, what we was tryin' to do! Know what i'm sayin?
Bobby: No
Derrick: What you do last night?
Bobby: I took this ho back to the hizzy, and I had to crank dat spiderman right up in that bitches face, she started screamin and i flipped that bitches weave over her head, and it stuck to her face and she looked like Cousin It, son!
by Ole Blue Nuckle October 25, 2007
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Another name for a car-wash this 'IT' may try to swallow u with its hair aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaam oh no its just katie.
by ratt meed December 02, 2003
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When you get married and your geriatric grandma tells your husband hes related to her

When you get married the second time and your geriatric grandpa tells you your husband is your cousin
Damn , dude did you hear how her family cousin it her twice?
by sixpence796 March 09, 2020
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