Usually said by someone when annoyed but not affected by the comment. Like go on...I don’t care.
1: I’ll find someone who’s better than you

2: you do that
by DiegoRivero May 9, 2020
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Used to acknowledge a stupid act or if someone says something rediculous or unbelievable.
Jayd: omg wayne just got back with that mong!
Kayleigh: i knoo, as if you do man..what an idiot.
Jayd: aha yeahh
by Jayleigh February 2, 2008
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Expression used ironically in a mocking tone to suggest that something idiotic someone has done is exactly what any ordinary intelligent person would have done in that situation ... NOT.
After one pedal flew off his pushbike and into the drains near Marie's, he tied one foot to the remaining pedal with twine for the return journey and pedalled extra hard, as you do.

Dizzy Dolly tried to cover up the catshit on the toilet floor by laying down the handle of the toilet brush across it, as you do.
by Fearman September 25, 2007
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Buzz off, Hunknee.”
Me: “When shall we hook up?”

Him: “I will check my calendar.”
Me: “You do that ...”
by LukashaX February 7, 2019
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similar to 'you are' or 'no you'
another low form of retaliation
"you are a fag"
"you are"
"you do"
by ZoK March 22, 2003
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1. the act of doing what one believes is the right decision, being oneself

2. a response when somebody constantly asks for suggestions, but doesn't actually need or listen to them
1. Person: "Dude, I just dropped, like, 20 bucks on a scooter.

Person: "Cool, you do you."

2. Person: "But I really think I should get Subway."

Person: "You do You, man."
by personthingything April 3, 2016
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the act of doing the things that you normally do. Nothing more, nothing less. Just being yourself and showing everyone who's boss around here.
Person 1: Hey, I went to the mall and bought a YOU GO BAK today.

Person 2: You Do You, Pal!
by Mike Provenzano October 29, 2009
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