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Is a name given to those of us who are amazingly pretty =]

Kayleigh's are funny, witty and clever individuals.

they make the best kind of friends and are always there for you.

if kayleigh calls you her friend you are extremely lucky.
Kayleigh is sooo pretty.

Shes such a kayleigh B.

wow, kayleigh just spoke to me =D
by Jayleigh February 02, 2008

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Used to acknowledge a stupid act or if someone says something rediculous or unbelievable.
Jayd: omg wayne just got back with that mong!
Kayleigh: i knoo, as if you do man..what an idiot.
Jayd: aha yeahh
by Jayleigh February 02, 2008

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Shorter form of the word retard.
Can also be shortened to 're'
Jayd: ahaha what a tard
Kayleigh: i knooo man as if you do that!
Jayd: yeah lols, hes a right gay.
Kayleigh: ye man, total re.
by Jayleigh February 02, 2008

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wayne is A generally shit name.

Mostly used to described wasters, chavs, cheaters and drug users.

can also be used with 'ker' at the end

These types of people usually have morbidly obese repulsive girlfriends and the pair mate, producing ugly babies.
Girl one : Eww did you see that wayne ?! He's so discusting.

Girl two : I know! i saw him doing coke at that party last weekend.

Girl one : omg really? what a ming, his girlfriends a right munter!

Girl two: yeah he's such a wayne.

Wanye is a chav.
by Jayleigh February 02, 2008

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When something is boring, overused or generally shit it is referred to as 'shagged'

This often replaces the more commonly used 'gay'
e.g "man this algebra stuff is gay, why do i need to learn this shit?!"
Guy 1 : Duuude, drainpipes are so shagged man. your such a sheep!

Guy 2 : Dude! i so am not, it's cool man.

Guy 1 : Whatever, they're shagged!
by Jayleigh February 01, 2008

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