A phrase used to relate a certain situation to a "known saying", the saying is mentioned by unknown people referred to as "They".
You know what they say, Karma's a Bitch.
by Nadims January 7, 2017
The start of an old meme that originated from the CD-I game “Hotel Mario”.
Mario: “You know what they say, all toasters, toast, toast.”
by The Urban Dictionary 2.0 January 21, 2020
A phrase one would yell out when wishing to pressure a certain individual into entirely consuming their alcoholic beverage/s.

They say "Bottoms up" or "Scull, scull, scull" or "Drink up" or "Don't be a little bitch".
They = party gurls
Come on! B You know what they say! Don't be a little bitch.
by makeamove October 10, 2018
This is an expression,what black people say.After they say/explain something,they ask you that question.(But you don't have to answer,just shake your head or something).
by Blondie98 December 27, 2013
Typically a guy with big feet directly relates to how long their penis is.
Person 1: I have big feet.
Person 2: You know what they say about guys with big feet.
Person 1: Yeah yeah, i have a large penis.
by cassdogga December 27, 2011