A subsitute for 'y'know, often heard in jails or prison uttered by uneducated inmates during conversation between cells. Can be used to validate the statement by the user, or to clarify that the statement was heard by its intended recipient, often a fellow illiterate. Used by middle class white kids to sound hip but usually comes off sounding extremely pathetic and requiring a beat down.
Inmate Rashid: Yo M-Tee, I boofed an eight ball on my visit with my girl, you heard?
Imate M-Tee: C'mon man, stop playin'..word?
Inmate Rashid: Word, I'm ready to bust one out, you heard?
Inmate M-Tee: Word son, I gotch you.
by WhiteDevil009 November 27, 2009
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A " you heard" means someone shit in you bed
Yo dog, you Heard....this bitch is crazy, she shit in my bed!
by Bungmasterflexx April 27, 2022
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The fastest way known to break into song and dance about a bird, and that the so called bird, is in fact the word.
1. Have you heard? Whats that? You mean you haven't heard? I was under the impression that everyone had heard? Heard what? THAT THE BIRD IS WORD, B-B-B- BIRD BIRD BIRD, B-BIRD IS THE WORD
by JerryDuke November 20, 2008
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A New Orleans’ saying. Often used after ever sentence, even when not necessary. Meanings: “you feel me”, just to emphasize your sentence. pronunciation: *new Orleans accent* “urr her mi”
“The saints are going to winning the super bowl, you heard me?”

“Let’s get some hand grenades, you heard me? “

“What time is it, you heard me?”

Anthony Davis is a dog, you heard me?”
by GooseMrz November 17, 2018
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A badass and brutally honest way of saying "I won't repeat myself".

No, it doesn't mean you're a pussy when you say it (to the definition above). A pussy would give excuses and try sugarcoating it, after his victim says "what did you call me".

After you say "you heard me", your victims just shuts up and looks shocked, beaten and despaired.
-Dad, I'm attracted to men.
-What the fuck did you just say?
-You heard me.


-Dad, I'm attracted to men.
-What the fuck you say?
-I mean, I sort of like men. They are just... Uh, it's not a big deal, right? *scared face*
by avialae January 10, 2014
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Roughly translates to, "I'm a pussy who won't repeat what I just said because I know if I do I'll get punched in the face."
John: Faggot
Bandon: What?
John: You heard me.
by themaninblack223434324 July 18, 2010
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