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1. The appropriate response to a statement which tries to remove you from a certain location when you have no positive desire, intention or propulsion to do so.

2. An effective method of distracting an Indian lady from excessive forms of audible speech.
N.B. - detriment of possible physical violence; i.e. it may bring to effect an act of provocation against the lady and all her man-friends.
1. Common example.

Person 1: go home.
Person 2: you go.

2. Recent example from an Indian reality TV show, "Dadagiri", between Esha and Ravi Bhatia.

Indian lady: why dont you go fuck off then?!
Person 2: you go~

September 6, 2008 - How Can She Slap.
by SAKd June 18, 2009
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a sarcastice phrase directed toward complete idiots. If an idiot makes a comment, an appropriate response can be a 5 second stare followed by a very loud, sarcastic usage of the phrase. This gets the point across and will usually leave the idiot speechless.
Idiot: I ran 5 miles with JIINSEENNN COOOAAACHHH today!

Person: YOU GO BAK!
by Mike Provenzano October 14, 2009
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a person with an excellent sense of humor, he is beautiful and sexy, who is very creative, a real artist, he likes to listen to music, but he is also an unsociable who does not like human company
he is too admirable, he is surely a yougo
by Sadmug April 19, 2021
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