The True Name For Jesus. His Non-Translated Name. This Would Be What The People Would Call Him.
Peter: You Are The Christ Thy Lord.
Yoshua:No Man Put That Thought In Your Head
by Unbiased Human January 30, 2009
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Slang term used to describe someone who is "Prayshing Out".
What's up, Yoshua?
Not much...Prayser. (See Praysher)
by Boney Boney March 10, 2003
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similar to joshua, but better. always very hot, epic & lit. usually they’re also cowboys but that’s fine. the female version is yoshlynn (obviously) and even though yoshua is epic, yoshlynn is significantly better.
“wow, yoshua is such a lit hottie, right?” - cloud
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Nickname for hip-hop fans named Joshua.
Joshua - Yoshua
Origin - Northern New Jersey
Yoshua said he had a slammin time at the Ja Rule concert last night.
by Zitty McGee March 30, 2004
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A Yoshua is big, burly, and funky. Usually spends time collecting smega to smear on his upper lip while he sleeps.
I smell a bukkake is Yoshua close by?
by We Know You Know September 29, 2021
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