Short for "super megaphone". Often used on Maple Story.
u can buy smegas from the cash shop
by 914ian914 December 28, 2007
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super mega phone; used in maple story as a means of annoying communication can only be seen in the world your in; can not be carried to other worlds.
Holy crap did you see that smega! I need to go buy that.
by mowanda August 17, 2009
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Mega smelly dickcheese found underneath the foreskin in most dirty uncircumcized men. Looks like a mixture of athlete's foot, colby jack cheese, and asbestos.
You could smell Johny's mega smega smegma from across the locker room.
by Jak Hardy April 16, 2007
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Def 1: Slime trail left behind from a snail.

Def 2: The slime that oozes out ur ass when you wake up from a wasted night on the bathroom floor, condom beside you and you have no idea where your at or how you got there. Oh and your a dude.


Def 3: The green goo in the corner of your eye qgen you wake up...
WTF why is there snail smega oozing out my ass. And I can't remember shit!
by Crazycookie9121 July 20, 2014
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