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Giloh is simply a beast. Giloh is one of the funniest people you know and he is the funnest person to be with at a party. Just be ready cause he might strip down real quick. Giloh does not care bout nothing. He’s here to have fun and nothing more. Gilohs also the plug, he’ll let you borrow money if you need with no problem. The only thing is that you might find his underwear in the back of the class room.
(Finds a wardrobe and 12 pack of containers in the back of the classroom)

Guy 1:Eww, who’s is this!
Guy 2: It’s probably GILOHS(laughs)
Guy 1:Oh my god(Shakes head and laughs). GILOHHHHH
by HolyMaster77777 February 07, 2019

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Branden is simply branden. The only way to identify Branden is as a bolder. Brandens speech is a little off. Kinda. He will never really finish a word. He’ll just add in ja or st to the end of his word. So yah that’s Branden.
Branden: Do youz wants do somein tanit
Guy 1: what?!
by HolyMaster77777 February 12, 2019

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Yoshi might be known for the small Mario game character but he is truly the opposite. Yoshi is HUGE. He is pretty slow but eats faster than the speed of light. Well not really... he just eats ALOT, like he will take an entire feast to school. But not a box of pizza, 4 cupcakes and a 3 gallon water bottle. Yoshi bring a few pounds of Choreshta Persian cuisine with a gluten free double chocolate chip browniebecause he is on a diet and a 2 liter heavy metal water bottle. Yoshi is a massive man who eats like a cow but is truly a very nice guy.
Guy 1: Yosh! How do you eat that much. Dudee
Yoshi: what are you talking about. This is half of what I usually eat! Ugh. I’m gonna starve.
by HolyMaster77777 February 12, 2019

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Maalon is fully Maalon. Maalon is a very passionate Frenchie, well all of them are. Maalon dresses as sexy as he can. He listenes to French music on his on time although when with friends he is one of the greatest DJs you know. Maalon is a funny kid he will make you laugh no matter the mood. Just hope he doesn’t send you pictures of his wardrobe flexing his OFF WHITE and Supreme and making you wanna get a plane ticket to San Francisco and jump off the Golden Gate Bridge.
Guy 1: Yo what’s this music. I expected something better for a party.
Guy 2: Yah. Just wait for Maalon to get here.
by HolyMaster77777 February 19, 2019

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