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The Adolf Hitler of Among Us
Jake: John wanna play among us
John: Ok, Here is the room code
John: Nevermind new room
Jake: Why?
John: Eris Loris hacked it
Jake: oh yeah, that gay guy

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People who don't even deserve to play among us
Purple said its cyan my friend on discord told me

Purple got voted off because he cheated

Among us discord callers are idiots, man.

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The best pet in Among Us and the only one people know
Sam: Yo Marcus, I just got a new dog in Among Us.
Marcus: Screw that man, Mini Crewmate is better.

Sam: Ok I'll pay 3 dollars for a Mini Crewmate

Among Us Mini Crewmate is the best thing in Among us

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The only map in among us, that everyone plays on instead of Mira HQ or Polus. It is the best of the three, despite being incredibly smalls.
Jacob: I created a room the code is QTKLJF

Aiden: Why are we on Polus? The Skeld is so much better!

Jacob: Yeah the Skeld is better

Owen: Yeah go on the skeld

Aiden: *creates new room on skeld and everyone joins*

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The only annoying thing about MrBeast videos. ITS SO ANNOYING
MrBeast: Before we begin the video I'd like to thank honey for sponsoring me for the 87 millionth time!
Me: Honey is stupid, it ruins MrBeast videos.

MrBeast HoneyMrBeast Honey

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Joel: How did you pass! You never pay attention in class!

Hank: I stayed up until 3am watching some Indian Guy On Youtube
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A button in Among us that calls a meeting to discuss who is the imposter. It is also a noob's best friend.
Are you kidding? He just pressed the Emergency Meeting button 10 seconds into the game for no reason!
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