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Its Yikes + Oof.
When the Model your were wanting to buy in the past was $700, So you save that money up. Then you proceed to buy the same item some time later to only find out the price has raised up about $600 more dollars. Yooks... Yikes cause the price raised tremendously. Oof cause you dont have the money to buy it.
by LeftyySouthpaw July 18, 2020
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Pronunciation: Yoooow KKKaaayyy....

A sarcastic response to a stupid comment or action to show your disatisfaction in them.
"I don't want rice on my Chipotle"
"Yoo K"
by Pants69 February 18, 2007
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an expression, saying or pronouncement of agreement or concurrence between two or more people - similar to oath and/or same
Ben - β€œomg im so fuckin bored!”
Ella - β€œyook bro”
by Anorexick McChicken January 03, 2019
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