At first when you meet him he’s quiet, he seems like he has a lot on his mind or he just may seem like a quiet person, but let me tell you, once Yonatan gets comfortable with you it’s like a whole different person. I’m lucky I got to see a side of him that not many others seen. He told me only I brought that out of him. Of course, either he made me feel that’s special or I was to him. I had never had a man be so freaking romantic. Sure I’ve had guys buy me flowers, take me to eat, and buy me gifts here and there, but when time goes on usually guys slowly stop being romantic but with him he never stopped the sweet gestures. He was just sooo loving and caring. He would buy me cards and write me letters on there, buy me flowers every two weeks, take me to the best restaurants, take me to the beach as much as he can, love me passionately, and just love me that best way I have ever been loved. If this sounds familiar, send me a text. Actually you’re still blocked but just know you're the best man I have ever came across and I still think you’re amazing.
Did you see Yonatan and his girlfriend riding bikes?
Yes dude, he is so romantic.
by Iloveyouforever818 January 31, 2020
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Literally the embodiment of a God.
Oh my, did you hear that there was someone here that is a God?
You mean the new kid our class called Yonatan???
by abwebwebwe November 4, 2021
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Very hot, 19 inch penis, 6ft2 And is the best at sex no doubt, roasts dudes for not being able to talk to women
Yonatan fucked me so hard last night. Said Madelyn cline
by Pppppppiiiipppppp September 5, 2021
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A very sexy, nice, cool, amazing, great, strong, handsome guy!
I love Yonatan!
by G69—8 October 4, 2019
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A tall , (dirty) blond guy. He's athletic. He's hot, but doesn't know it. He's weird, but doesn't show it. He's romantic, and kisses like his life depends on it. He has a lot of experience with girls, but won't settle until he finds the right girl for him.

He's kinda funny. He's awkward around whoever he likes. You need someone to lean on, you lean on him. He's a good friend, but has a short temper.

Girl 1: hey that guy was cool did you catch his name?
Girl 2: yeah I think it was Yonatan
Girl 1: does he have a girlfriend?
Girl 2: I guess so. whoever she is, is really lucky.
by I ate mom's spaghetti March 14, 2019
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Hottest best at sex biggest penis In the world most romantic and loving you will love to have sex with him
by Correct yonatan July 10, 2019
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It is a name.
Yonatan ran faster than everbody else.
by JDOHSS June 13, 2019
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