The foulest smelling of all farts. Smells like rotten eggs.
Allen emitted a couple of yokers, followed by a disturbing shart.
by blutarsky March 15, 2006
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From the root word "Yokel". It is generaly used as a derogatory term for a bad driver, however it can also be used to describe someone as inferior mentally. It implies a certain level of redneck culture and inbreeding in the driver or person it is being yelled at.
When you come around a corner to find someone stopped in the middle of the highway, "What is this Yoker doing?"

When someone tries to pass you when you stop for a flagger in a construction zone and almost runs head first into oncoming traffic, "You freakin Yoker!"

When someone tries to impress people by doing something he has very littke skill or experience in, "What a yoker!"
by Tavary Quinton January 31, 2017
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are the ejaculation resulting from an improper zit squeezing.

also the action of squeezing a zit
Pimpley faced teen: aww man I just ruined my mirror from the puss of my yoker (cracking voice)
by Mick_Suckins March 27, 2009
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