A phrase used to banish thots back to where they came from.
Thot : Oh no, I can feel the power of the thot slayer.
Boy: My work here is done.
by xXDefyer69Xx June 9, 2018
A phrase used to banish all thots within a 10 mile radius.
Me, to my cousin: Begone Thot!
Like every other girl in a 10 mile radius: I don't feel so good...
by A.S.E. July 11, 2019
when a thot is around and they need to begone!1!
kelsy: that girl looks like a thot
marta: she needs to begone
girl: hi guys!
marta and kelsy: BEGONE THOT!
by bEgOnEtHoT5577335511332244 October 30, 2018
A meme originally just referring to "That Hoe Over There" in a derisive fashion, now a classic all inclusive word used by Fire Emblem fans to refer to certain male or female characters (usually ones who are fan-service heavy types )-however it is still used both within the fire emblem fandom and throughout the internet as a term of abuse aimed at female sexuality.
my girl 5*Julia: *sees some bitch-ass Thot blue units*

Julia: -special instantly activates-"BEGONE THOT"

"As a member of the Thot killing patrol I cannot permit you to live"

Thot Bow : hey Alm, remember me?

Alm: "dear gods... it's a Thot!

Gramps: " Alm, drink this 🅱️otion and become a Thot slayer"

Alm: "Thanks Gramps"
by Smash and Fire Emblem October 25, 2017
A virgin's phrase for either saying, "Don't touch me I'm a virgin!" or "I secretly like you but I don't want my friends to know!"
Or when a virgin doesn't know the name of a hot girl
Alex sees girl coming: "BEGONE THOT" inside Alex's mind: I hope she comes within my five foot radius.
by LordBobiscuis February 14, 2018
The expulsion of a thot; conjuring a banishment of the sort
Deniqua: *insert thot speech*

*Deniqua disappears*
by Ztsd_🅱️ April 3, 2017