The most awesome guy you could ever meet, like really. His the most sweetest human on this planet !
- Have you ever talk with Yoan ?
- YEAH ! He loves one piece, such a good guy
by Diamininja July 25, 2020
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Probably a guy who's good with animals and kids
Hey! Look at Yoan
by shawtysaidshefellinher August 29, 2019
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Once he woke up, he yoaned in my face. He sounded like he was tired and horny at the same time.
by Thatmanguy69 June 14, 2016
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The combination of a yawn and a moan.
Worker 1: 'What god-awful sound did you just emit? Was it a yawn or a moan?'
Worker 2: 'I had a big night and I have this nightmare presentation today so it was both.'
Worker 1: Dude, you totally just yoaned.
by LauJo August 25, 2010
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Guy 1: sigh I really need a thinner wallet

Guy 2: Bro my wallet is lit, it’s so slim and fits EVERYTHING without getting bigger
Guy 1: Dude you’re not gonna yoan me into this with your 2 credit cards in there.
Guy 2 pulls out $3000 in 20s and 7 credit cards
Guy 1: What?! And I’ve just been yoaned.
by Mr Pikachu June 24, 2020
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Yoan is way better looking than his brother
Yoan is cooler than yahir
by Udidudisjs September 24, 2020
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good looking, attractive girls/woman. origininating from jock hornby
'omg check that bit of yoan'
'omg you got yoaned'
'safe bit of yoanage'
'check that yoan-a-cycle out'
'i made that yoan moan'
by james prattent May 24, 2007
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