An excitable way of saying "Yes."
Duck: "Aw motherfuckin breadcrumbs, oh YISS!"
by djdickmutt November 4, 2010
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There are two definitions.
1. Yes but with more swagger
2. When Mrs. Crisp is peeved
“Wow mrs crisp is YISSSED”
“YISSSS!! I got the beans!!”
by Uykithemcflurry August 18, 2019
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Yissed is more than being just pissed. More like a “push me out of a window already” kind of pissed. You’re SO pissed off you couldn’t be bothered to write or pronounce the word pissed correctly.
I’m SO yissed rn
by Asaprissa January 21, 2018
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Peter Bowler in his book, The Superior Person's Book of Words describes the word YISSE v to mean, desire, covert.
On arriving at Colonel Carstair's bridge party, you give his newly nubile daughter Amanda an avuncular q.v. pat on the head, saying to her father: "Ah, I yisse this miss, I wis." Knowing your penchant for childish wordplay, he chuckles politely and you head for the card table, already one trick up.
by Martin Billings March 28, 2008
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A beautiful girl who has a lot of potential. She's goofy, but she keeps it real with everybody. She knows how to have fun and all the guys want her. She's amazing and beautiful. Inside, and out.
Angeli: This is my sister, her name is Yisseli
Lizie: I can most definitely tell!
Mark: Whats her number? Shes so beautiful
by UndercoverMademan August 9, 2019
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A phrase uttered before you have some motha. fuckin. breadcrumbs.
"aww yiss, motha. fuckin. breadcrumbs.
by drb45 October 29, 2013
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