A overweight, grotesque, beat up looking woman
Paul: 'Fuck off Murtagh!, im trying to get a ride off dis bowler!!'

Bowlers will be abused!
by bowler No.1 March 24, 2010
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A game in which a person who has weed yells the word "Bowler"

The first person to then yell "Bowl" receives a free bowl from the person who shouted "Bowler"
I just won "Bowler" and am getting packed my free bowl!
by Ben.jammin July 13, 2009
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A ghetto ass town that nobody knows of. You got the Stockbridge rez, a casino, a gas station, and a pond, with a whole fuckin street of bars. Near Shawano and Gresham
I live in Bowler.
by ~Summer Love January 29, 2013
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Small unnoticed town in Wisconsin. The people are self-centered and the girls are trash. Bowler is a textbook snake-pit. On a positive note, it isn't incest or a cult like Gresham.
Bowler is full of snakes.
by HonestlyAnonymous69 November 6, 2019
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The Bowler is one half of the "bowler and batsman" team in
a gay relationship. During anal sex the bowler is the one
at the back. See also Batsman
Cricket metaphor to imply homosexuality
A) Ha ha ha ha, yeah those guys, too right my friend
b) which one of them is the bowler and which is the batsman?
A) I dunno but I've heard theyre playing for England.

by Danny Kaye September 21, 2006
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A rich and spoiled brat of a british man who plays too much cricket.
God damnit Larry, this "bowler" doesn't know how to play 9 pins, or even 10 pins!
by gumnariga July 6, 2007
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The sexual act of sticking your middle and ring finger into a girls’ vagina while your thumb massages her clitoris like you were sticking your hand into a bowling ball.
Man Tom was good before, but when he gave me the bowler I just screamed strike.
by The Bowler June 24, 2007
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