The expression you use when you're experiencing a very cringe-worthy moment.
Person 1: So what if she's my cousin? I still love her!
Person 2: Yikes.

Person 1: I didn't know he was only 12.
Person 2: Yikes.
by ⭐yikes⭐ December 5, 2019
person 1: i dropped my phone
person 2: yikes

person 1: im gonna shoot myself in the face
person 2: yikes
by abigphatlesbian October 16, 2018
when you cant be using actual mainstream words like 'wow' and 'ohmygod' and 'fuck me sideways' you use yikes to show how edgy and how much of a madlad you are.
eloise: yikes, don't get upsetti have some spaghetti
by mafia3510 September 20, 2018
a term used to show shock or extreme surprise.
Yikes! That sure scared me!
by Kim (Matt's Girlfriend) August 17, 2003
used instead of shit or in a manner that denotes a slight disgust.
1."i almost got fired today.."

2.(girl walkes by with really tight, ugly pants)
by jilldo December 28, 2004
A word used to mock the party member who failed a puzzle in hypixel skyblock's dungeons, throwing your S+ run. Again.
PUZZLE FAIL! noobman69 killed a Blaze in the wrong order! Yikes!
noobman69: wait pls don-
cata50tryhard: yikes
fullnecronguy: yikes!
maxorisgood: Yikes...
bonzotard: YIKES
noobman69 was kicked from the party
by Alien3.0C May 31, 2021
In internet slang, particularly on "Leftbook" and Twitter, used to express shock at an abhorrent or morally backwards political opinion.
"Gentrification is good because it will finally get everyone on welfare out of the city"

"The biggest problem with "Into the Spider-Verse" is that Spiderman is black"
by sailor titan January 3, 2019