A form of smoking weed to increase potency and get a "head rush" Yettie's are made with a piece of a cigarette being stuffed into a pipe "yettie pipe" the weed is cut into a "yettie sesh" and put out onto a flat surface where the yettie pipe is pressed onto. Each time you press weed into the pipe and twist, it is called a stamp. and finally after putting the freshly "packed" yettie into a bong you light up the top on the weed and slowly provide suction until you suck and it pops. One does not smoke a yettie you pop it.
Dude pack me a Yettie
Just pop the Yettie man
by CarltonCountyCanada February 4, 2015
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a bong form of smoking cannabis with a partial circular "puck", or piece, of a tailor made cigarette. Instead of "bowl" there is a hollow tube that fits nicely in the slider, the cigarette puck is placed inside at the edge of the tube and then the cannabis is to be packed on top of the partial cigarette "puck" in the tube. Once a tube is packed nice and neatly, the packed side is placed upwards inside the slider to create a yettie.
"take a hit off of this yettie"
"let's smoke the yettie"
"will you pack the yettie"
by boptobop September 9, 2009
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(Yett-I). The plural form of the word Yetti meaning a mythical creature or very hairy person.
Wow, there alot of Yettie in the forrest today.
by PossessedByBertrum June 2, 2009
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A way to smoke weed to increase your high and get a “head rush Yettie are made by ripping a piece of cigarette called a puck off the “puck smoke” and being stuffed into a jimmer a jimmer is used instead of a bowl piece. The weed is grinded up and put onto a sesh tray were then the jimmer is pressed and twisted into the weed, that is called a stamp. once your freshly packed yettie is ready you put it into the bong and light up the top slowly providing suction. once your toke has a cherry you increase suction and pop your toke.
dude can you pack me a yettie

i could really go for a phat yettie right now
by RowBro July 25, 2019
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A situation that happens too often. A very large and loud girl who hits on drunk guys at parties or a bar. They know they can't get sex from a sober man, so their fatness nature directs them to get it when the guy is pasted out or has his beer vision on. Happen to my roommates twice in three weeks.
guy 1. Dude, did you see that Yetti aaron took home with him last night.
guy 2. Yeah, she was one ugly Yetti.
by Gonnies Never Say Die March 16, 2005
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the well known hairy, intimidating and imposing creature. known as "shimer" in ancient cultures.
-Dude, did you hear that thunder?
-No, it was just the yetti coming in.
by Calimander February 27, 2008
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