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A situation that happens too often. A very large and loud girl who hits on drunk guys at parties or a bar. They know they can't get sex from a sober man, so their fatness nature directs them to get it when the guy is pasted out or has his beer vision on. Happen to my roommates twice in three weeks.
guy 1. Dude, did you see that Yetti aaron took home with him last night.
guy 2. Yeah, she was one ugly Yetti.
by Gonnies Never Say Die March 15, 2005
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the well known hairy, intimidating and imposing creature. known as "shimer" in ancient cultures.
-Dude, did you hear that thunder?
-No, it was just the yetti coming in.
by Calimander February 26, 2008
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A hair person. Or a very wild person that dont care what people think about them
1.Man that guy is a yetti

2. This yettijust dont care
by Wildlife January 21, 2017
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1. A mythical beast, often noted for being large, hairy and ferocious. 2. An unfavorable person 3. a person with unfavorable characteristics such as dreadful smell, disproportionate limbs, or sheer hideousness. 4. One who is slightly retarded. 5. refering to masculine genetalia 6. A person who acts not unlike a female canine. 7 an artists work composed completely of bodily fluids. 8 one who offers pleasurable company for a price. 9. A very tall athelete
1. I hear the mayor of cleveland was eaten by a yetti while sking in the alps.
2. That luke kid is such a yetti.
3. When joe gets his teeth straightened, maybe he wont be such a yetti.
4. Dave is taking special classes because hes a yetti.
5.My yetti itches.
6. My mom wont let me take the family van to the crash derby tonight. What a yetti.
7.Jackie felt in touch with her artistic abilities when the urge to urinate hit her. she composed a yetti.
8. The yetti is on sale this weekend. hurray for quarters.
9. Joe Sakic leveled that yetti in the game last night.
by Axel Steamer October 23, 2006
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1. Another word for the act of running through a party or get together of friends completely naked. A warning is usually issued, something along of the lines of "Here comes the Yetti!
2. Another word for Sasquatch or Big foot
3. A derogatory term for someone who is very hairy
1. "Here comes the Yetti!"
1. Man, if Cory yetti's again, I'm going to kill him.
2. Hey, did you see that faked video of the yetti?
3. That guy's such a yetti
by KittyGalore August 14, 2004
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Someone with super-human powers. Something between sasquatch and a bear. Maybe a very strong person, or rugged looking. Also used as "yet".
That police dude was a yetti.
He's so tall, what a yet.
Im goin all out yetti style, decked out in camouflage and a huge gun.
by Ishmael Bunghole February 07, 2004
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