Someone who can skeet and yeet. Derived from jesus. A yeetus is a master of yeeting.
Carl is yeetus cause he has a great dab
by trevor911 May 25, 2017
Same energy as its predecessor yeet, but its use of “-us” at the end makes it appear to have much more elegance and sophistication.
Yeetus yeetus, deletus thy fetus!”

Who else read that in a British accent
by Dab Police March 24, 2019
David throws the basketball into the hoop
by BurritoBites October 28, 2019
A noun that is derived from the word yeet. It is used when you are addicted to using the word yeet
Person1: Your such a yeetus McFuckus.
Person2: Wtf
by JoNsTeRz December 5, 2019
The act of yeeting something in a more elegant fashion, especially if someone has touched something of yours.
I yeetus the fetus named Cletus because he eatus my treatus so I clicked deletus.
by R0M4N-NUM3R4L November 11, 2019
An adjective used to describe someone as idiotic, moronic, stupidonic, etc. Usually used as a friendly term.
Sup Riya G, don't think I'll be going to the Bronx, you yeetus
by Lil Boi Bron January 18, 2019