younger version of yourself.

you when you were little.
"man look at this picture of fetus me"

"dude, you were so cute!"
by koolkat9999 April 19, 2015
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Fetus is one who immerses out of blankets like you immerse out of the womb.
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Unborn Baby: *knocks on belly* Hey mom, can you fetus, we're starving in here!
by Metallicajunkie October 18, 2018
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A tabby cat that primary eats paper and runs on your ankles while you walk.
There is a Fetus in my hamper
by Beardface McWonderful March 4, 2014
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A parasite. I'm not even insulting anything here, a fetus is naturally a parasite.
Guy 1: So I heard you and Martha are having a baby?
Guy 2: Yup! She just went in for an ultrasound exam, there's definitely a parasite in her!
Guy 1: You mean a fetus?
Guy 2: It's the same exact thing.
by enigmaticepitaph August 24, 2012
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