younger version of yourself.

you when you were little.
"man look at this picture of fetus me"

"dude, you were so cute!"
by koolkat9999 April 19, 2015
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Fetus is one who immerses out of blankets like you immerse out of the womb.
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A tabby cat that primary eats paper and runs on your ankles while you walk.
There is a Fetus in my hamper
by Beardface McWonderful March 4, 2014
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A parasite. I'm not even insulting anything here, a fetus is naturally a parasite.
Guy 1: So I heard you and Martha are having a baby?
Guy 2: Yup! She just went in for an ultrasound exam, there's definitely a parasite in her!
Guy 1: You mean a fetus?
Guy 2: It's the same exact thing.
by enigmaticepitaph August 24, 2012
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1: a blob of cells which, as it differentiates, forms a parasitic relationship with a host body, often referred to as the 'mother' (the fetus takes nutrients from the mother and returns nothing, thus the term 'parasite'). The parasitism often lasts well after the pregnancy, during which the fetus resides within the body of the mother; in some species the post-birth parasitism lasts 18 years or more. Not to be confused with a human being, which is what a fetus is called only after being pushed through the birth canal of another human being.
2: A good source of stem cells, which are cells that have yet to differentiate into a specific type of cell. For some reason, stem cell research is a very controversial issue.
Note: In some human cultures, especially those with screwed up priorities, feti have more rights than the human women in which they germinate.
Stem cells from a fetus can help the disabled by regenerating into needed cells in damaged parts of their bodies.
by Child Hatter May 8, 2003
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