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younger version of yourself.

you when you were little.
"man look at this picture of fetus me"

"dude, you were so cute!"
by koolkat9999 April 19, 2015
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The entire age range of a person before they became sexually attractive from puberty and age.
Tom daley, any guy from one direction, and emma watson were fucking adorable in their fetus stage.
by yezii409 October 25, 2012
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1. a young child/person; but can also be used to refer to anyone younger than yourself
2. someone who acts or looks like a small child
3. someone who is too afraid to do something
4. small
1. "Oh my god, look at those fetuses. They think they're hot shit, but they have a lot to learn."
2. "What does Justin Bieber know about love? He's just a fetus."
3. "Stop being a fetus and dissect the frog."
4. "Look at that cute fetus dog!"
by Rachel_Fro February 01, 2010
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