When a situation changes from the tame and quotidian to the unfamiliar and hazardous, shit gets real. Shit getting real can lead to unexpected and potentially life-threatening consequences. If you believe shit may soon become real, the best thing to do is to get real yourself by staying calm and maintaining an awareness of your surroundings.
"I noticed the guy walking behind me for several blocks was starting to close the distance between us. I made some unusual turns in an attempt to shake him. But he was still following, and was now in spitting distance. And then shit got real."
by Wyrdbyrd September 9, 2011
"....And then 'shit got real', so I had to blast that bitch with my tech-nine."
by Diego August 30, 2003
when crazy shit happens to you or when un-real shit happens
Guy1:Guy:Shit got real when I lost a dildo in my ass!
by zior November 20, 2011
Meaning reality just hit you or something crazy happened.
yo..i owe taxes.
shit got real
by LalaBx March 20, 2009
An expression that explains how a joking or friendly conversation suddenly took a turn for the worse and is escalating towards a hostel situation and/or a physical scuffle.
Tommy: I have never been so tired in my life
George: That's what your mom said last night
Random Yell from Someone Not Actually Involved: SHIT JUST GOT REAL!
by Darrel charleston November 6, 2007
The situation has escalated to the highest point of seriousness and is no longer a laughing matter
by Jademax1990 April 7, 2015
An expression commonly used in mathematics when a complex or imaginary number is changed into a real number.
Teacher: Now we are going to multiply the given root of the polynomial by its complex conjugate.

Student: Damn, shit just got real!
by ttango December 5, 2011