oi what did you get up to this weekend, mate?”
“oh, piss all to be honest
by the real otomachi una October 29, 2020
when something is really easy such as a test and you feel youve done really well at it
oh m8 i pissed all over that test, well easy
by Jamie125 May 22, 2007
this class makes me wanna piss all over
by dumdedumdum December 27, 2008
When you think you will be cashing in after completing a task
"We just need to take out that one good player and we're pissing all the way to the bank!"
by BingQilin August 24, 2022
Bedding, stuffed chair, sofa, car seat and the like ruined by leaked urine from an incontinent user.
I seated myself in the movie theater, then said to my date, “Honey, this seat stinks; it’s all pissed out!”
by Be Bop a Lula December 12, 2021