Fucking shit as all you do is prepare for S.A.T.S to then find out that it wasnt important .
All year 5's want At this point are waiting for the year 6 to leave so they can sit on the benches for Assembly.
Look at that year 5 haha they gota do SATS they think its so important
by moses.munro August 2, 2019
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Goblins who want everything and anything for free most of them are spoiled brats like the owner of this website and throws fits of rage because he can't buy icecream that causes 200 dollars and says you ruined my life

Or an alternative Dead because no one vaccinates there crotch goblins
Parent 1: Ughhh I hate my 5 year olds

Parent 2: At least its better than Cardi B Music
by 6th Grader Teacher April 7, 2020
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This occurs when a guy denies the fact that he is gay (to himself and everyone else) for some time. Usually seen on conservative college campuses. These types have a flair for fashion, usually pop their pink Lacoste collars and take the time they spend in college to "date" chicks, but once they leave and spend a few years in the big city, they come out with their rainbow flags a waving.

Most people around the gay in 5 years guy know he is gay and expect to see him with a teal Jetta and Diesel manpurse at the 5 year class reunion.

The gay in 5 years guy loves MySpace and drink cosmos. He also exaggerates his likeness for women.
by geniusH August 5, 2006
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A kid who is not a baby not a toddler and is going to kindergarten.

An object or thing that is 5 years old.

Something more than a few years old
My 5 year old kid is going to kindergarten!

My purse is 5 years old!

My house is 5 years old.
by alia(jk) September 27, 2019
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American undergraduate ("college") degrees historically and typically take 4 years to complete. A person on the "5 year plan" is usually not a serious enough student, who will not have enough credits to graduate within 4 years, perhaps due to dropping classes, changing majors often, or flunking courses (which gives no credits).
"My roommate my sophomore year partied 6 nights a week. He ended up only taking 2 courses one semester."

"Oh yeah? My ex-boyfriend never went to class except to take the exams -- sometimes. He failed half his classes when we were dating. He was on the 5 year plan too."
by SidP April 5, 2005
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Like the 5 second rule for food landing on the floor, or the 5 minute rule for leaving class when a teacher is late the 5 year rule is time frame after the wedding to have a bachelor or bachelorette party if said party didn't occur or was so lame that it isn't even worth a mention.
Married guy: Aargh! My bachelor party 4 years ago was crap... wish I could have done it properly.

Good friend: Brrrooo! 5 year rule! We throw you a bitching party this weekend! It's going to be the shit!!!

Now happily married guy: Yeeeeaaahhh!
by notsoslick January 7, 2019
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theses mfs have a literal spasms every time they see with ".EXE" at the end. They're also toxic little assholes that LOVEEE fortnite and cringey ass youtube videos and things that have died out like 3 years ago.
"Ew it's 5 year olds watching Lankybox!!!"
by Youcantusethisusernow1 May 26, 2023
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