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This occurs when a guy denies the fact that he is gay (to himself and everyone else) for some time. Usually seen on conservative college campuses. These types have a flair for fashion, usually pop their pink Lacoste collars and take the time they spend in college to "date" chicks, but once they leave and spend a few years in the big city, they come out with their rainbow flags a waving.

Most people around the gay in 5 years guy know he is gay and expect to see him with a teal Jetta and Diesel manpurse at the 5 year class reunion.

The gay in 5 years guy loves MySpace and drink cosmos. He also exaggerates his likeness for women.
by geniusH August 04, 2006

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Having sex when with a girl on her period. The sheets are bloody.
Last night you left a hell of a crime scene in my bed. My sheets are tie-dyed.
by geniusH August 06, 2006

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The act of taking anabolic steroids for performance enhancement. Usually abused by meatheads and BDAs alike. Side effects include back zits, temper tantrums and shrinkage.
That BDA is definately roiding out. Did you see the size of his arms?
by geniusH August 05, 2006

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Noun-An abnormally small penis. Usually under 5 inches. The name insinuates its cuteness.
Brenda-"Awww, look at the lil' peter petweeter. It's so cute!"
Brad-"I would prefer if you didn't call Mr. Bigglesworth cute."

(Note, talking baby talk to a slong is usually considered a no-no for fear of insulting its owner, yet always tempting.)
by geniusH August 05, 2006

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Term used when a male perpetrates having a well-endowed penis, when in fact, to his partner's surprise is actually the opposite of large. In this case, see peter petweeter.
Brad's perpin' the slong. He's really only two inches.
by geniusH August 05, 2006

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Noun: 1. A term used for undergarments worn for an entire business day that will more than likely need to be peeled off by the wearer as soon as he or she gets home.

2. Undergarments that must be taken off immediately one is able to do so in order to feel comfortable--usually giving off faint odor.

**In most cases, grendels have been worn longer than 12 hours or are crafted from unbreathable fabrics. The worst grendels are the ones worn underneath panty hose for 8+ hours.
After a long day of teaching tennis, Mark had to peel off his sweaty grendels and hop directly into the shower before doing anything else.
by geniusH August 05, 2006

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A term used in response to anything disinteresting. Highly effective when used when speaking to someone you loathe. A good conversation ender.

This term can be used in any social setting.
Random guy in bar-"Hi. Can I buy you a drink?"

Mitch-"Do you listen to 'N Sync?"

Mitch-"What about Backstreet Boys?"

Mike-"What are your thoughts on Dub-yah as President?"
by geniusH August 05, 2006

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