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a quick and natural reaction to excitement, joy and complete satisfaction.
Homer: Marge are we jewish? Marge: no, Homer Homer: woo hoo! (eats a pork roast)
by Pimp in the Box February 5, 2009
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The act of sitting on a couch drinking a beer and having your left hand tucked inside your pants. Usually done while watching T.V. after dinner.
Frank Hey man, watchin' the game tonight? Jack damn straight. going home, eat me a nice home cooked meal... bang the Ol' lady and crack open a cold one Al Bundy Style
by Pimp in the Box January 11, 2009
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a game played by two idiots who can barely manage to run their own lives
(LARRY): Sup dude, I just bought the entire Lord of the Rings Trilogy. Wanna break out Risk and knock back a few beers? (STEVE): Nah man, im into this thing called World of Warcraft. dude you're living in the 60's man. what the hell's your problem, i mean Risk? seriously bro? grow up
by Pimp in the Box December 29, 2009
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when you get shorted a chicken mcnugget at a McDonald's and demand the manager an extra set of McNuggets or a free apple pie for your trouble only to deny your request and offer you a chocolatechip cookie instead. This is followed by going over the counter and bumrushing the grease faced teen, stuffing his head in the deep fryer and helping yourself to whatever food is available while fighting off employees with a mop an using frozen patties as shuriken throwing stars.
yeah dude, that's the last time they short my McNugget order I can tell you that much. You had to be there, I went on a McNugget Rampage
by Pimp in the Box February 13, 2009
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a severe mortal blow to a retreating opponent. used in the final stages of an argument and is the best and only known counter to hey fuck you! this comeback verbally destroys the opposition and gives your opponent the option to walk away or waive that option by declaring a physical war and opening with a shove.
Todd: hey, fuck you! Eddie: fuck you too! .... (brief silence and Todd walks away) yeah, that's what I thought. pussy!
by Pimp in the Box February 18, 2009
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the result of over-eating, binge drinking, sleeping late and partying after Super Sunday.
Jesus: hey man, you look like shit dude, you should have called in sick ese. Rick: yeah why don't you fuck off Jesus. I got a Super hangover watching the game last night. did you watch it? how bout Ben Roethlisberger. guy's incredible. Jesus: who?
by Pimp in the Box February 2, 2009
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the old man's way of getting the wife off your back to avoid doing any upholstery shampoo cleaning
Roxy: Fred, fido pissed on the sofa again Fred: febreze it honey
by Pimp in the Box February 13, 2009
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