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Yazmine has one of the biggest hearts and cares for others. She loves to half fun and always puts others before her. Yazmine goes through so much and tries to keep a fake smile on. She is a great person and deserves the best in the world. She is beautiful both inside and out. She tries so hard to please others. She emotionally is never stable and had so so many feelings. Always be nice to Yazmine.. she always has something going on inside. She just hides it with a fake smile.
Yazmine is amazing and is one of the strongest girls you will ever meet.
by monkeybread782 May 26, 2018
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No girl can ever be as beautiful and smart as she is.
She is the most beautiful girl I will ever know.
by josh October 12, 2004
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Yazmine is a rebel ass bitch who likes to hang around her friends she has alot of friends but keep the main ones in one small group she most likely to be a hoe when shes single but when shes in a relationship shes loyal (depends on the nigga) shes really pretty and in between of going thick she most likely to have a boyfriend with the letter of J,T,K,D,E,M,N she is the realest bitch out there she will tell you straight up if she dont like you and she tends to get mad easy if her mood is fucked up dont ask her whats wrong she won't even answer you
Friend: I heard D been Talking Bout You!
Yazmine: Beatta Bitch Up?
Friend: Yup
by Kaitlyn Finger May 20, 2018
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