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Yasminaa is an amazing person. She is the best human being you could ever know. She is caring, attractive, and a good listener. She is a veryy good person with her gang and the ones she loves butt if you mess with her youre gonna regret it! All boys are running after her and wanna be her boyfriend. She only have her eyes on one person. She had her heart broken several times and that made her the girl she is today she doesnt trust soo many people but she’s sociable and the best human being you could ever know in your whole lifee. When you look at her you’ll feel like youre in heaven and every boyy is willing to have her. When she walks to a room she walks with her headd raise and her style is like just wawww! She is a confident and courageous girll afraidd of nothing because she believes in herself and although she have been through a lot but she’ll alwayss be an amazing and fabulous and an awesome person. Any person would be glad if they know Yasmima she is the most famous girl at her school and everybody loves her! She has lots of people jealous because they aint her and her enemies are many but her friends are much more! All in all Yasminaa iss my favorite person in the universe and guyss are the luckiest people because they know a girl like her she is strong and DA BESTT!!
I wish i could be a Yasmina she’s amazing!
by Udkmyname January 27, 2019
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A really good friend, always paying attention to the needs of those surrounding her and putting those needs before her own. She is often self concious and often struggles because she feels she isn't 'good enough'. She often has trouble believe any men could like her, but she is so beautiful men are intimidated. She is also a very tallented person, espeacially in musical arts.

Another positive attribute is her sense of humor, which is very funny. Sometimes sexual ;) but she always has a sense of humor.
person 1: she seems like a sweet girl, yea?

person 2: yep. total yasmina... wont ever let this one slip away.
by singmyselftosleep July 03, 2009
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The name Yasmina comes from a Arabic word meaning Jasmine.

She is a great friend and is very caring. For example: Always putting everyone before herself. She is very funny or humorous and always has a smile on her face no matter what. She is smart, athletic or sporty, pretty and is gifted or talented in the art of music. Yasmina is lot of times is a tomboy and enjoys participating or taking part in sports over anything else.
I wish I could be like Yasmina. Yasmina is so prefect and pretty.
by Ur.Gurl.Here. January 03, 2015
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Used to live in lemonistan and is likely going to die hit by a blimp. She had a pony named Albert. But he died of a heart attack when he saw the movie Independance Day.
Stranger : I heard Yasmina is coming to town.
Stranger 2 : I have a banana in my ass.
by Noodle Doodle Faloola May 28, 2020
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To Yasmina something is to kill a moment or make it awkward in all sorts of ways.
Person 1: The civil war..
Person 2: FISSSHHH!
Person 1: God, you just yasmina'd it in all sorts of ways!
by DialaAndNay November 03, 2010
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