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An expression pertaining to one with unrivaled genius, style, exuberance, and strength, yet maintains the capacity to assist friends with these attributes.
That guy is so yasin. I wish I could be more like him
by twilight12 July 12, 2010
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If you ever Meet a guy with this name your pretty lucky. This Boy Is a sexy mofo, has at least a 4 pack if they don't have abs they're fake. This Guy is the ladies man, he can get really close to girls, He isn't a man whore. If you ever go out with him he'll treat you right, wont cheat on you. Try to keep him in your life he is a good friend. Not to mention he has a massive penis, He is the sex god of all sex gods ;) If you know A Yasin you are a very lucky person. <3<3<3
Girl#1 I'm so lucky to have this Guy
Girl#2 Is his name Yasin?
Girl#1 Yes!!!
Girl#2 OMG!! Your So Lucky.
by Turtleboy :) December 02, 2011
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One of the greatest boys ever known to man. He's wonderful, he's cute, he athletic , he's funny , he's everything a girl wants and everything a guy want to be. However, he doesn't get full of himself and he's a very loving person, he cares for others and is a people's person. His good looks is appealing to everyone. If you never had him get you a Yasin
All I want in my life is a Yasin type of guy 😍❤️
by Knowledge supreme March 13, 2017
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A very handsome young man has a good taste of: music, food and friendship.

People with this name show signs of intelligence, loyalty and honesty .

Also evidence suggests that Yasin never age when they want and being experts in Algebra (never lost a mark)

And they love to watch (Dragon ball z) , (Regular show)
Yasin just seeped the math exam in 20 minutes with a full grade
by A-PERSON-U-MET February 20, 2017
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