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she is a awesome person and one with whom everyone wants to hang around.

She has the best fashion sense.

She the kind of person that are very hard to f in nd and tend to stay with you forever.

She is a very loyal friend.

Is the type whole tweets you never wanna miss.

She the the best of the best
That girl was so cool 😎.

She is definitely a Yashi!
by y.xoxo.b January 02, 2017
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a person who spends 24/7 on tumblr looking at funny posts and laughing in a dark room.

she is the swaggiest bitch in town.
her fantabulous face makes her look like a fucking angel whose fallen from the 6th floor (art department).
her jokes are dope as fuck, and she is probably addicted to takalua.
Andreas : 'Dude how long were you on tumblr for last night'?
Barbeque : 'I was on for hours...'
Andreas : 'Whoa you're such a yashi!'
by bbqfoodlover September 30, 2013
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