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The best area code in Florida. It's also the area code of the most densly-populated county in Florida.
by Jon-jon September 12, 2006
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Area code for Pinellas County, Florida. Pinellas County originally shared the 813 area code with Hillsborough County until 1999. Pinellas County is the most densely populated county in Florida.

"Das how we do in the 727, boy!"
by MeanMugger April 28, 2006
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The best place to grow up in !
Beautiful beaches, gorgeous people, & great schools <3
The 727 (Pinellas County) is the most densley populated county in Florida & easily the beeesst.
Everrrybody wants to live in the 727 !
Person #1: You're moving ! Where ?
Person #2: The 727 baaaby !
Person #1: I wish I could live there . The beaches are amazing !
Person #2: And so are the beach babes ;D
by Kathwweeen January 19, 2010
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Girl Code.
Something that is veryyy veryyy sexual. Very spicy.
Girls only
Laura "pssssst Sarah...727"

Sarah "ahhh yes 727 indeed"
by swig123123 March 06, 2016
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A 727 airplane, also known as a 3-holer, can be extended to a sexual position where a woman is being filled in all 3 holes at once.
After doing the 727, she couldn't walk for 3 days.
by Ash666 January 17, 2008
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Area Code For The HO'S of Pinellas County Florida. Shouts out to my nigga Josh P. and a girl named Carley R. FUCK NIGGAS IN THE CLUB AIGHT!
What goin on in the seven 2 seven!?
by John L Q. April 06, 2005
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The area code of New Port Richey, Port Richey, and Holiday. This land is filled with wiggers, stuck up rich kids, and preppy faggots.

What you'll find here:

Why people move here:
-Looks like a nice place to live, but after 5 years, it becomes boring, and tempting you by living "close" to places, such as Busch gardens, but not close enough that you can actually leave school then go.
-Nice houses, nice neighborhoods. If the neighborhood next to you is a trailer park, which is most, and you consider it a nice neighborhood, 727 is where you want to look.

Average parent is a failure doctor, so they stopped somewhere in between and became an assistant, making a decent amount of money, but not as much as they wanted to. This makes them depressed, and making everyone around them depressed, causing "727itis"
B: I live in 727!
G: Sucks for you, I live in 813.
by derpinhahahaha February 20, 2011
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